Thursday, January 5, 2012

December Goodies!

Hi All!!

Today I am going to share with you what I have bought during the month of December, this is going to be a sort of 3 haul in 1 blog kind of post since I bought some stuff for the festive season, on sale or received them as gifts.


I bought this dress for the festive season from New Look. I ended up wearing this dress for Christmas Lunch/Tea Time paired with a long black cardigan.

I also bought this dress from New Look in order to have something a bit more smart for Christmas/ New Year's Eve. I loved the fact that it wasn't the normal black bottom dress but a navy blue bottom and I absolutely loved the wine top!

I bought this cape/poncho during the sales just after Christmas from Peacocks. So it was partly bought in the sales for the festive season.

I bought this dress during the sales from a shop in Naxxar called Dylons. I loved the colour and that it has some glitters in it plus its really cosy and I love wearing these kind of dresses to go out in the mornings or if I'm invited to someone's house.

This dress was also bought from Dylons. I had actually gone in to look for this kind of dress since I needed something to go with the brown boots (seen below) that I bought.

This top was also bought from Dylons and I bought it so I can have another piece of clothing which matches the brown boots.

This dress was actually a gift from my boyfriend for Christmas :-) It's a smart fitted three quarters sleeved dress from Esprit which is brownish in colour.


Nude Shoes from New Look! I actually went for another pair of shoes but surprise surprise they didn't have my size (please note I had been going round all day to find a nice pair of shoes!). Then the nice sales girl started bringing me all the shoes she had in my size and got me these beauties :-D. I sort of bought them for the festive season and wore them with my grey dress.

Brown ankle boots from Peacocks bought in the Sales. They also had these in black but don't you think they look much cooler in brown? :-D

Now this is a HUGE bargain not only are these boots versatile (they can be worn as shown above or you can fold them since the inside has like grey wool inside, they were only 10 Euro yes you read correctly 10 EURO! I bought them from Dylons in Naxxar.

These beauties were a present from my boyfriend for Christmas which he paired to match the dress. He actually went round plenty of shops to get the right shade, ain't he the sweetest? (yes I know I'm a lucky girl! ;-))


Hi I'm Martina, and I'm an earrings addict! Yep, every time I went out shopping I ended up bringing at least one pair home (old habits die hard)

The two pairs shown above are from a shop in the Plaza called Kin Tai (if I'm not mistaken) it's sort of the Tenda version of Sliema for you Maltesers out there. I bought these because a) I love huge earrings and b) they were affordable

I'm not sure if these earrings were on sale but I bought them at the Peacocks sale. I absolutely LOVE these earrings and I want plenty more earrings in this style!


I bought this bag during the sales from a shop called McBaileys in Valletta, I'm really into the whole long strap bags at the moment especially with this kind of chain. What I loved about this bag is that inside its really spacious!

Again a present from my boyfriend! A bag from Sisley in a dark brown colour! 

Last but not least my boyfriend's final gift, a bangle from Mango which matches the outfit perfectly. Fyi I had to open the presents in a specific order i.e the bangle, the bag, the dress, the shoes which then made a whole outfit hehe.


I also bought the January issue of the UK Glamour magazine, I absolutely love this magazine and have been buying it since circa 2008 but then stopped for a while but I'm going to start buying it again I absolutely love the articles and content it has in it!!! The funny part is I bought it when I was out shopping with my mum at the wait for it... Supermarket haha.

My Glamour Collection to date :-D

I hope you liked my haul!!! Don't forget to enter our giveaway HERE!!

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Until next time,


o.b.o The Fabulous Team


  1. Lovely haul Martina :) btw Anthony has impeccable taste :)

  2. i was going to write something about anthony, and realised that lara have wrote the same. tal-genn eee!! :) even the way he told you to open the presents u hekk! :) pretty :) xxxx

  3. dak iz zarbun brown mill peacocks <3 sooooo lovely!!!! :D

  4. I love the cape from Peacocks and 10euro boots, they're fabulous~ Great taste! :D