Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tried and Tested : Essence lash & brow gel mascara Review

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What a beautiful morning we have today! I hope that it stays like this all day!!
Me and Martina are so excited today as we are going to the celebration of  Essence's 10th anniversary and the launching of a new make-up line Catrice (

Today, I'm going to review a product by Essence, which is the lash and brow gel mascara.

Do you have perfect eyebrows ?? Most of us, including me, have unruly eyebrows that need grooming. .

My eyebrows are very important to me and I go have them plucked by threading.
I used to pluck my eyebrows really thin, but not any more, as I've noticed that they kind of made me look older. NOT cool!! Thicker eyebrows definitely suit me better.

But of course, everything has pros and cons. I find that my thicker eyebrows get quite unruly and finally I found this gel mascara to tame them with!!

What it say on the product:
Transparent gel mascara. Cares for lashes and styles eyebrows. Ophthamologically tested.

It contains 9 ml of product and I bought it for € 2.19 - good price right?!
Most of the tube is transparent with the inside of the cap, wand and writings being blue. It looks really pretty (like all the other essence products - mind you)

I have tried this on both my lashes and brows and now I only use this on my brows because I always have colour mascara on anyway.

Here are the pictures on my eyebrows with and without the gel:

AFTER (I'm aware that half of my eyebrow is darker. . it's natural. I just need some filling up.)

Can you see the difference?? Half of my brow is darker, which is annoying. The purpose of these pictures are just to show you how tamed they look after applying the gel mascara :):)

Here are the pictures to show you what it does to the lashes (My sister is in the pictures below):



As you can see, it doesn't do any difference volume and length- wise but it does separate the lashes. They look clumpier before applying it. So this is good for those that don't like the feeling or look of the normal mascaras.

How it feels:
It does feel just a little sticky as soon as you apply it but it will soon vanish. When touching my eyebrows, I can't tell that I have anything on! 

So basically I love this product and it will definitely be a re-purchase!!

Do you use anything on your brows?? Please let me know :)

Denise o.b.o The Fabulous Team XOX

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