Friday, August 17, 2012

Fabulous Guests: Jessica and Rachel from Beauty is our Passion!

Hey Guys,

Today we are hosting two new fabulous Maltese Bloggers, Jessica and Rachel from Beauty is our Passion!!

Back to school Wardrobe essentials

Hi Beauties,

School is around the corner and everyone is thinking about school supplies, meeting new friends, beauty items and most essential cute, simple yet comfortable outfits.

Everyone has different opinions and styles according to their outfits. Today, we are showcasing several outfit ideas for back to school.  Just make sure the outfits are school appropriate.


Blue Fever (Outfit 1):

Go bold with a beautiful blue buttoned shirt paired with camel coloured straight leg jeans. Big black bag in order to fit all school supplies and goes perfectly with every coloured outfit.

Summer Outfit (Outfit 2):

White t-shirt paired with black trousers and neutral coloured accessories.

Laid back Outfit (Outfit 3):

Striped hooded zip up perfect for the winter times paired with a dark wash jeans. Try matching this outfit with high top wedges for a modern look.

Nautical Outfit (Outfit 4):

Striped low cut shirt paired with white wash jeans, cute ballerinas and a pop of cobalt blue belt. Jazz your outfit by accessorizing with a stretch black bracelet and sparkly black studs.

School Hairstyles

Similar to the previous outfits, hair styles differ from one person to another, according to style preference and face frames. During school it is effective to do effortless styles in order to be, less time consuming and enjoyable when having a bad hair day.

Rachel suggests of doing a high ponytail with the bangs pulled back. This hairstyle gives the impression that you gave such effort in this look while being simple yet stylish.

On the other hand, Jessica suggests doing a high messy bun. Same to the previous hairstyle it is easy to do and requires minimal effort. The messy bun looks amazing when styled with t shirts in order to show it off looking marvelous wherever you go.

Makeup look

We both agree that makeup should be minimal on school days. Most important items are concealer, powder (optional), mascara and white or flesh tone eyeliner.

Concealer is used in order to brighten the under eyes. Powder is used according to your preference. We both agreed on this item since, we both have oily skin and this will prevent any oil or shine on the face, and setting the makeup giving a nice all overall finish. White eyeliner is used to open up the eyes making them bigger and brighter. Similar to the previous items, mascara is used to make the eyes appear bigger and having some definition.

Feedback is much appreciated. Make sure to follow our blog and facebook page, linked below for more updates. Last but not least, thanking Martina and Denise from All things fabulous for giving us this opportunity to feature in their blog.

Take Care,
Jessica & Rachel

A big thank you to Jessica and Rachel!! Make sure to visit their: BLOG page and FACEBOOK page.

The Fabulous Team

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