Monday, January 14, 2013

Make Up Store Haul and Swatches!!

Hey Guys!!

As promised, today I will be sharing with you what I bought from the Make Up Store Sale which I mentioned in my previous post HERE.

Unfortunately I didn't buy anything from the sale itself since I wanted to stick with my so called shopping list I went in with!! The following are all products I had my eye on for quite a while so I decided to buy them since I had 20% off!

I had seen a look on the Make Up Store Malta Facebook page and fell in love with the colours!! I didn't buy all the products in the look, however I had to have these two eyeshadows since I do not have similar colours in my collection!
Make Up Store Microshadows in Aquarius (Left) and Spellbinding (Right)
 I had been after this lipgloss for the longest time, I had forgotten to buy it when I visited Make Up Store previously and had been lusting after it for the longest time!! This is the lipgloss which came up with the SpellBound collection.
Make Up Store Lip Gloss in Haze (bottom- same gloss blended)
 Again, this eyeliner was part of the look which I saw on the Make Up Store Facebook Page!
Make Up Store Eyeliner in Awesome Performance
Ever since I heard Make Up Store was opening, I decided to do my research on the brand and got to know that they have an app which contains a Magazine called 'M'. To my delight I saw a post on the Maltese Facebook page which said that the printed version of the magazine will be available in stores! I commented on the status and got contacted by one of the directors who told me that she will leave me a back issue for me to enjoy!
'M' Magazine Issue 17- The Wild Issue
I also bought a few products for my boyfriend's brother's girlfriend Emma who was also kind to let me swatch them on her and pose for me!
Make Up Store Eyeliners in Emerald (Top) and Gorgeous Plum (Bottom)

Make Up Store Tinted Eye Primer (you may see the primer blended underneath)
I hope you enjoyed this haul and found the swatches useful!!

Martina XOXO

o.b.o The Fabulous Team

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