Thursday, June 27, 2013

A dream come true- IMATS London 2013!

Hey Guys!

So if you have been following me on facebook, you know that last week, I packed my bags and flew all the way to London to attend IMATS with the two Marijas from the Maltese blogging-sphere! If you don't know who they are check out this photo and links below!

The Marijas and I (From Left: Marija aka Marija P from Pocalocca, Marija  aka Marija D from all.things.lady and myself)
Marija Pocalocca-
Marija all.things.lady-

This trip was probably the best holiday I have been on in a while, not only do I love London, so that kinda oomphs the fun factor, but all factors including all the activities and IMATS was just fantastic and to top it all off I got to spend time with 2 amazing ladies who made the holiday super memorable!! Apart from that I got to spend some time with Violet my first Make Up teacher so it was extra special!

I do not have a lot of photos, since I decided to take up just a video camera and depended on my phone camera for photos! You can check out some photos of the trip on my instagram page: 

I may look like a naughty blogger, however, upon returning from London I have been busy as a bee and trying to re group! Hopefully I will be a lot calmer and will be able to write a constructive post asap! In the mean time, check out my two lovelies' posts and videos :)

Stay tuned for my videos and special haul posts shortly!! 

Until then!

Martina XOXO

Check out the first part of my Beauty & Make Up London/ Imats haul here:

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