Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Diet Diaries- Update 10- Let's Do This!

Hey Guys!

Another two weeks, another Diet Diaries!

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These two weeks were quite relaxed full of celebration! I am now officially 24 and back to the weight I was on my eighteenth birthday!

You can imagine that with my birthday, a lot of sinning came with it, I'm not saying I sinned fully but I did sin a bit more than usual, youch!

I am seriously terrified of the weighing scales tomorrow, however, after going up to Gozo for a weekend (Malta's sister island for all my lovely foreign readers) and seeing size 10 skinny jeans fitting like a glove, I felt a bit better!

It kinda gets frustrating, the last few kilos, seeing people stuff their faces with really good things, let me paint a picture for you, hearing people saying how good your birthday cake is and just smiling along because you just had a tinsy bit and have no idea how good it actually tastes. Ok you may say I am going a bit overboard, however, seeing how far I have come, I do not want to give up now, more than ever. This is probably the best accomplishment I have made in my life, something I have struggled with my entire teen/adult life, so NO I will not throw all this away!

I have tried to take some pictures, however, most of the meals are mainly eating out! Enjoy!

One of the best salads I have ever tasted!
Sunday Lunch!
Pasta day!
Birthday Lunch! 
Birthday Snack with Reb!
My Fantabulous Cake!
Chicken Curry Wrap!
Ribeye + Veg- Take Out
Rice Krispies <3
Yummy burger- Didn't eat all of the chips though!
Best Chicken I have ever tasted prepared by my good friend!
Yummy Pasta!
Impromptu Dinner Date with Marija Pocalocca and her Hubs
Last but not least I wanted to share a picture of the t-shirt my boyfriend wore last weekend... What a Motivator.... :/ :p
"No Good Story ever started with someone ordering a Salad"- Thanks Love :/
So did my birthday have a negative effect on my weight loss?

Sadly, the answer is yes... I have gained half a kilo :/ I had a feeling that I would fall of the band wagon slightly and I am even more scared because my boyfriend surprised me with an eight day trip to Barcelona, however, he is the best motivator out there (sans the t-shirt) that I have so I will probably stick to it more! 

Marika told me that August is the worst time for dieting especially here in Malta with all the feasts and celebrations going on. 

She also told me that I should be prepared that next session, which is in three weeks since I will be abroad, I will probably gain weight again.

This is the reality of diets, you do fall off the band wagon now and again, however, she told me that I should be proud of myself since in four months, this is the first time I gained which is quite and achievement.

These two weeks weren't all bad though, this time last year, I was looking back at photos at my choir's concert and hating the person I saw, this year that was different. Apart from that I have inspired three people to start doing this diet, which means a lot to me. I know how bad it feels, having nothing to wear and my weight keeping me back from certain things, so knowing that I am indirectly giving a push to other people to start take care of themselves and ultimately feel better about themselves makes me feel over the moon!

Martina XOXO



    you should be really proud!!

    best of luck for the rest!


  2. Well done anyways, this is a new lifestyle not a diet. There will be ups and downs but the most important thing is that you pull yourself up again and keep moving forward. xx :)

    1. True, seeing that I increased really gave me a huge wake up call!