Monday, May 26, 2014

Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week 2014- Caroline Hili Fashion Show

Day two of the most anticipated fashion event in Malta hosted the works of the talented Caroline Hili with her collection Desert Storm.

The collection was brought to life against the backdrop of one innovative location, the Renzo Piano steps just across the new Maltese Parliament.

A number of models cascaded down the stairs like goddesses in a number of flowy haute couture dresses, one pieces, jumpsuits and a number of other garments.

This event was supported by fxb and Faberge by Vascas.

The models sported sleek gelled back hair styles to compliment yet keep the focus on the garments together with dramatic, eye catching make up donned in silver and gold hues which extended out to created the illusion of wings. This look reminded me of an eagle, strong and majestic which greatly complimented the collection!

The designer describes her pieces as having "a distinct inspiration from nature with art nouveau style floral and leafy embellishments flowing smoothly into tightly pleated skirts that may fan out as if being windswept." (quote from Malta Fashion Week magazine)

The colour palette in this collection was very nature inspired having hues of greens, blues and creams together with the use of various flowy, elegant materials.

Some of the models also sported an innovative sun visor whilst others sported hand jewellery
to complete the outfit.

The beginning of the show saw a number of two piece and jumpsuits in different shapes, colours and fits. From V-neck tops to flowy tops, each piece accentuated the models' figures thanks to the intelligent construction of each individual piece.

If you follow my blog, you will know that I am somewhat of a lover of jumpsuits so this collection was quite a welcome treat for me!


A particular element which struck me in nearly each piece was that a sheer element was added to provide that added elegant sexiness, be it the material used to create the garment or else small accented pieces. Another piece of added sultriness was the ever so feminine side slit which was evident in many of the pieces.

Apart from the basic colours, two dresses stood out, having a gorgeous floral print, one could see a mermaid style dress together with a low v-neck flowy boho chic dress.

All in all, this collection was simply divine and I could picture myself wearing each and every item. 

I applaud you Caroline Hili, the artistry and detail in each of the pieces made for an exceptional show! Bravo!

I encourage you to check out the official album on the Malta Fashion Week and Awards Facebook page here:

Until Tomorrow!

Martina XOXO

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