Monday, December 31, 2012

A trip down Fabulous Lane: Saying goodbye to 2012!

Hey Guys!!

Today's post is a more personal post than usual. I am not the type that usually says much about myself online, I prefer to do it in person however today is different. 2012 has been a year were we have gone through a lot of changes, since the past nearly two years that we have been doing this blog a lot has changed. Time has become shorter each day that passes and this year has flown by so fast!!

As I look back on this past year, I recall some memories Denise and I have made:

Taking part in our first big competition!

This time last year, Denise and I were gearing up to take part in the the Beauty Editor's Shoes competition!! Thanks to everyone who supported us, we ended up in the final 10!
Our Blogiversary Interview with Paul from Malta Amateur Youtubers, Vloggers and Artists! 

This was so fun to do, we spent a whole afternoon talking with Paul over Skype and trying to make this video work!!

Out with the Old in with the New!

One of the most challenging weekends was when we decided to introduce our new layout! 

Our first Event!

During this year, we were invited to many events!! However, we will never forget the first event we were invited to, the Catrice Launch Party! A few months after, Daniela invited us to another awesome event to showcase the new collections

Apart from beauty events, we were also invited to various Fashion Events such as  Runway Malta Spring/ Summer 2012 and Autumn/ Winter 2013, the busiest and awesome week of all, Malta Fashion Week! and New Look's Wet and Wild Collection!

Being featured on The Sunday Times of Malta

This was probably my favourite 2012 moment! We were so honoured that we were featured, I read and re-read the article so I could take it all in! 

I have also had time to start tutorials again which I had enjoyed doing so much when I had my old youtube channel and I plan on continuing in 2013!

In the beginning of the post I told you that this will be a more personal type of blog post, after going through nearly all of our past posts and I recalled the above memories, I remember the joy I felt after each one of them. Sometimes life is so fast and you can lose track of the little things! With each memory I made this year both personally and blog related, I have learnt one thing; 
Everything you do, do it out of love and always give it your all and never take anything or anyone for granted!

It has been a tough year for both Denise and I however as I write this post, I feel a sense of gratitude, not only for the support I have received from my loved ones but also for the friendship I have with Denise. We started off this blog as acquaintances however today I can proudly say that Denise is one of my closest friends!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and everyone of you for following us and for the constant support you give us! We do this blog out of our love for the industry and we will continue to put in our 100% to give back a little of what we know to you!

Have a lovely New Year, may it be better than the last!!

Martina XOXO

The Fabulous Team

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